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It is Stephen King!! It’s a short story in Night Shift

see!!!in my mind i recognize is pacing instantly but like!! i read that!!! at the same time i read is of writing story and the girl who loved tom gordon but i dont remember like i cant mentally see me reading it and all i remember about the of writing is how he and his brother? called pooping push and how he got paid for news paper stories and a wall of regection letters and the pee scene in the girl who loves tom gordan and the bug god that should have hada stronger role in the story but i read the night shift collection and some of that dark tower whatever series but„i cant remember

in any event i finally got a hold of duma key

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    THE GIRL WHO LOVED TOM GORDON IS THE FIRST HORROR BOOK I EVER READ!!!! I was 10 and it scarred me permanently!! I loved...
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